Why Us

A privately held company since 1969, Poly Scientific is one of the leading manufacturers of chemicals, stains and reagents. All products are made fresh to order with BSC certified dyes and USP or ACS grade chemicals, ensuring you receive the highest quality and longest shelf life possible. Products are shipped directly to the end user, not to a distributor’s shelf. Poly Scientific is known for our high-quality products and superior service!

Remember… Be Specific, Use Poly Scientific.
  • Only certified dyes and USP or ACS grade reagents used

  • Products are made fresh to order

  • Orders are shipped directly to the end user

  • Delivery within 7-10 business days unless requested sooner


Download our Catalog

Poly Scientific’s catalog is easy to read and navigate through. The Table of Contents, Kit Appendix and Index are hyperlinked for easy access. It is full of item information such as shelf life, storage and DOT Hazard classification as well as the standard pricing and description. In addition, there are helpful tips and information as well as an H&E troubleshooting chart. There are also stain photos and an appendix for the reagent assembly kits to use as a reference.

Download our Catalog


What Our Customers Say

I would like to thank you and all of the wonderful people at Poly Sci for all of their support, dedication, and true sense for caring. I have worked and used the Poly lab products since 1980. The quality and reliability has been very good and has really helped in getting our work completed with very good results time and time again. If ever we had any questions their Administrative staff and Technical people are always available to talk and help us out in the field, this has really made a difference on our side with Poly providing “Top Notch” customer service, especially while working in this current COVID-19 world pandemic. Thank you!!


I have worked in the histology field for over 40 years, 37 of them in the Technical Director/ Supervisor position of both private reference laboratories and teaching hospitals in the Boston, Massachusetts area. During those 37 years, I have used Poly Scientific R&D reagents exclusively for routine hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining and special stains. In all that time every pathologist who has reviewed slides from any laboratory that I was managing commented on the excellent quality of both H&E and special stains. This is excellence and consistency: for almost 40 years.

Clif C.

Our organization has benefitted immensely from our partnership with Poly Scientific. We use many of their products in our high-volume histology operation and can attest to their excellent quality. Their chemicals and stains play a critical role in our ability to offer a wide spectrum of histopathological staining; our technologists recognize the convenience that these products bring to our laboratory and our pathologists appreciate the resulting quality and low turn-around times of our tests. They offer incredible customer service, which is especially evident in their ability to customize the specifications of their products to suit the needs of our laboratory. Delio, their chemist, has provided us with custom solutions that have improved the breadth and consistency of our testing.

Rich B

I have known the rep, Gary Beck from Poly Scientific for 10 years. It is a pleasure to work with Gary and Poly Scientific. Their products are excellent and give the best results. When I need a product right away, Gary would hand deliver it to me. When I have a question about my reagents, Delio, the chemist, answers my question. When I needed a special order made to the product, they accommodated me. Poly Scientific values their customers. I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy working with them.

Renee L

Clearly, the owners and employees at Poly Scientific R&D take pride in their work and have a mandate for quality reagents that is unmatched by any other vendor. In addition, the Poly Scientific R&D customer service team has been responsive to any request: custom reagents by Delio, overnight shipping by Lizzie. With today’s expectations of providing top patient care quality in a short turnaround time, I highly recommend using Poly Scientific reagents and products. They will provide excellent, consistent results, which will also help your laboratory to run more efficiently.

Clif C