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IVD Product Catalog

  • Shelf life, storage and DOT Hazard classification
  • Standard pricing and description
  • Helpful tips and an H&E troubleshooting chart
  • Stain photos and an appendix for the reagent assembly kits to use as a reference
  • Hyperlinked for easy navigation

Recommendations & Guidelines

Guidelines for Reagent Test Kits

  • Components can be purchased separately.
  • In general, an 8oz. kit will stain 100 slides and a 16oz. kit will stain 200.
  • All timings given are representative and should be adapted to your particular laboratory conditions.
  • All silver stains should be performed in acid cleaned glassware for best results.
  • Use only deionized or distilled water, unless otherwise directed.
  • Most working solutions, once made, should be used immediately.
  • All solutions are individually labeled with expiration dates and storage conditions.
  • All procedures are written for manual use, but all can and have been adapted for any automated stainer.

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What Our Customers Say

I have worked and used the Poly lab products since 1980. The quality and reliability has been very good and has really helped in getting our work completed with very good results time and time again.

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Every pathologist who has reviewed slides from any laboratory that I was managing commented on the excellent quality of both H&E and special stains.

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Clif C.

They offer incredible customer service, which is especially evident in their ability to customize the specifications of their products to suit the needs of our laboratory.

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Rich B

When I need a product right away, Gary would hand deliver it to me. When I have a question about my reagents, Delio, the chemist, answers my question

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Renee L

Clearly, the owners and employees at Poly Scientific R&D take pride in their work and have a mandate for quality reagents that is unmatched by any other vendor

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Clif C