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STU-ONE cat#s2836

All-purpose non-formaldehyde tissue fixative. Preserves tissue architecture and cellular morphology, but unlike formalin or paraformaldehyde, STU-ONE does not denature DNA,RNA and proteins. Tissues fixed in STU-ONE can be used for Immunohistochemical staining without the need for antigen retrieval prep. Isolates from STU-ONE-fixed tissue contain rich amounts of DNA, RNA and proteins for downstream studies. Processor safe.


STU-IHC cat#s2837


Tissue preservative designed to give researchers gently-fixed tissues that provide unimpeded access to tissue epitopes for immunohistochemical  visualization. Antigen retrieval treatment of tissues not necessary for IHC staining. STU-IHC is processor safe, ready to use, and tissue architecture and intracellular features are comparable to formalin-fixed tissue.


STU-NGS cat#s2835


Designed for those performing next generation sequencing studies of tumor tissue. STU-NGS does not cause artificial fixative-induced mutations to DNA from tumor tissue. Yield and quantity of recovered DNA  from STU-NGS fixed tissue exceeds that of formalin. STU-NGS is ready to use, is processor-safe, requires no vapor monitoring and provides excellent tissue architecture and cellular morphology for light microscopy examination.


STUMol cat#s2832


Designed for researchers seeking maximum recovery of DNA, RNA and proteins from source tissues. STUMol tissue fixation is superior to formalin and ethanol fixation for recovery of RNA   IHC visualization of tissue proteins is impressive, and tissue nucleic acids are plentiful for recovery by isolation from STUMol-fixed tissue. An excellent fixative to preserve tissue for cell harvest by laser capture microdissection. Processor safe and ready to use. No aldehyde cross-links.